Arizona Sex Offender Map

With more than 14,500 registered sex offenders listed in its public database, Arizona has created a comprehensive search feature to allow state residents to track potential predators in their neighborhoods. The State of Arizona requires public notification of sex offenses via this public database, allowing each citizen to determine if their neighborhoods are safe or not. It is continually updated by the Arizona Department of Public Safety so it is important that you check back often to see if an offender has moved into your neighborhood.

Track Sexual Predators in Arizona with Kids Live Safe

badgesWith such a high amount of sex offenders living in the state of Arizona, it is highly possible that some of them live in your neighborhood. If this is the case, your children may be at risk. By using Kids Live Safe, you can find out how many of your neighbors are registered sex offenders and ensure that your children are well aware of their presence when they walk to and from school.

Kids Live Safe is a free application that allows you to track registered sex offenders listed not only in Arizona but all over the country. You can keep tabs on local offenders involved in child molestation, rape and other sexual offenses to ensure that they are not moving in next door to you. Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge you have about the people living around you, the more prepared you are.

Get Alerts when Sex Offenders Move in to Your Neighborhood

With Kids Live Safe, you receive instant notifications that something has happened in your neighborhood, whether it is a weather emergency or a sexual offender who has just moved in. This free service can provide essential safety information you won’t hear anywhere else. These alerts can be sent to your smartphone or to your email.

Receiving these alerts about threats to the safety of your family is essential to protecting the stability of your home and children. You do not know what tomorrow has in store, as safe as your neighborhood might seem right now. As a parent, you must make informed decisions for the sake of your children. Hiding your head in the sand will not eliminate the growing problem of sexual offenses.

Sign up with Kids Live Safe to be notified any time a potential sexual predator moves into your neighborhood. Knowing who your neighbors are can save your child’s life.

Largest Cities & Neighborhoods in Arizona

These cities are among the largest in Arizona. States with large populations are much more likely to have high numbers of registered offenders simply based on probability. If you live in or around these major cities, it is essential that you consider tracking potential sexual predators in your neighborhood.

  1. Phoenix
  2. Tucson
  3. Mesa
  4. Chandler
  5. Glendale
  6. Scottsdale
  7. Gilbert
  8. Tempe
  9. Peoria
  10. Surprise
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