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As the number of registered sex offenders is steadily rising all over the nation, the number is dramatically increasing in Florida. According to Legislature’s Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability the number of registered sex offenders has risen over 23 percent in the last five years. They last reported that there were 23,813 registered sex offenders in 2012.

Though law enforcement has improved upon tracking registered offenders by cutting down the number of unknown locations in half within the last five years, there is still roughly under a thousand predators that are still unaccounted for. This is because of homelessness and complication with offenders attaining a registered State ID or driver’s licenses.

Locate Sexual Predators in Florida with Kids Live Safe

There has been 6,303 total number of registrants reported by Florida as of 2013, and that number grows by roughly a few thousand each year. Though there are some limitations as to where predators can live, they are still permitted to live in many of our neighborhoods. You can learn if any are living close to you by filling out our Kids Live Safe form. Kids Live Safe helps to keep you and your family safe by providing a tool that tracks the location of sex offenders and predators all over the Florida and sends you live notifications when they move too close to your home.

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*Why is Kids Live Safe better than any other sex offender registry?

Kids Live Safe is an innovative application focused on protecting families from offline and online sexual offenders and predators by providing web-based family protection tools.

Kids Live Safe Family protection tools include:

  • Search, map, and view sex offenders near your home
  • Email alerts when new offenders move near your home
  • Monitor the area around your home and 3 other locations (school, other family members)
  • Online protection against child predators with award-winning Internet Filtering Software
  • Lost/Missing child Emergency Response Profiles



Get Notifications when Registered Sex Offenders Move in your Neighborhood

New sex offenders are added to the registry every day and current offenders are becoming wanted for not reporting their locations. It is important that you take your safety in your own hands by keeping a consistent watch on the registry so you know as soon as one moves in your area. You also help to protect the community by for keeping a vigilant eye out so you can find and identify absconded predators whose physical locations remain at large.

The Ten Largest cities & neighborhoods in Florida

If you live in any of these major Florida cities, it is important that you start monitoring sex offender activity in your neighborhood. In fact, these 10 cities have the highest concentration of sexual predators in the state.

  1. Jacksonville
  2. Miami
  3. Tampa
  4. St. Petersburg
  5. Hialeah
  6. Orlando
  7. Fort Lauderdale
  8. Tallahassee
  9. Port Saint Lucie
  10. Cape Coral


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