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There are a wide range of crimes in Illinois that could eventually lead to someone having to register as a sex offender in this state. Anything from soliciting prostitution from a minor to sexual conduct with a disabled individual can eventually lead to that individual being registered as a sex offender. There are actually different definitions for sex offenders and sexual predators in this state, and someone who is defined as a sexual predator usually has to commit a sexual crime that involves a child. Public Act 97-0578 actually requires all sex offenders do register with the state retroactively, which means there should not be many sexual predators flying under the radar in this state. The amount of time that a sex offender has to remain registered depends on the seriousness of the crime, but the minimum registration period is usually 10 years.

Locate Sexual Predators in Illinois with Kids Live Safe

There are currently just over 22,000 sex offenders living in the state of Illinois, which is higher than the average number of sex offenders per state across the country. This number has slowly grown from around 17,000 sex offenders in the state back in 2005. If you want to be able to protect your family from the sex offenders in Illinois, then you may want to look into the Kids Live Safe system. This system is connected to a database of sex offenders in the state of Illinois, and you will be able to get an instant notification when a registered sex offender moves into your neighborhood. This kind of instant information can be extremely valuable for the overall safety of your children and the rest of your family. The best part about the Kids Live Safe program is that it is just $1 to try and you can sign up instantly over the web.

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Kids Live Safe is an innovative application focused on protecting families from offline and online sexual offenders and predators by providing web-based family protection tools.

Kids Live Safe Family protection tools include:

  • Search, map, and view sex offenders near your home
  • Email alerts when new offenders move near your home
  • Monitor the area around your home and 3 other locations (school, other family members)
  • Online protection against child predators with award-winning Internet Filtering Software
  • Lost/Missing child Emergency Response Profiles



Get Notifications When Registered Sex Offenders Move in Your Neighborhood

You can have the Kids Live Safe system send you up-to-date emails, which means you will always be able to be notified when a sex offender is moving near your home. This kind of information can easily be found online, but it’s more convenient to have someone notify you of an issue right when it pops up rather than having to check the official Illinois sex offender registry on a regular basis. You can receive notifications for up to 4 addresses of any registered sex offender activity within a 5 mile radius. While there is no such thing as perfect safety for you and your family, you will definitely be more informed about the possible dangers out there by signing up for the Kids Live Safe app.

Largest Cities in Illinois

In addition to signing up for Kids Live Safe, you may also want to look into the sexual predator stats for your specific city. Sex offenders tend to stay in densely population areas of the state, which means the likelihood of living near a sex offender increases as you get closer to the big cities. If you’re going to be able to keep your family safe from sexual predators, then you may want to move away from these ten densely populated cities in Illinois:

  1. Chicago
  2. Aurora
  3. Rockford
  4. Joliet
  5. Naperville
  6. Springfield
  7. Peoria
  8. Elgin
  9. Waukegan
  10. Cicero


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