Monitoring Children Online is NOT an Option

We decided to create this page to warn parents about a new threat: technology! Did you know that sexual predators, pedophiles and child molesters are increasingly using smartphone apps and social networks to reach their victims? Don’t take it from us:


Child Predators Use Technology To Exploit Children – United States Department of Justice

Sex predators target children using social media – USA Today

Sexual Predators Targeting Kids Through Smart Phone Apps –  ABC

Do a quick Google search on the topic and you’ll find thousands of similar articles and studies.

Police is Encouraging Parents to monitor their kids’ cellphones and online activity

Unfortunately, educating kids about online dangers doesn’t seem to be enough. Several Police departments, psychologists and security specialists are now recommending that parents monitor their children’s online activities. Yes, it’s basically spying, but it’s 100% legal, since parents are legally accountable for their children’s safety. Besides, if it was illegal, police wouldn’t be recommending it! Watch this video from NBC News where Chief Police Officer Battelli (from the New Jersey Police Department) talks about how important it is for parents to use monitoring software:

Monitoring makes sense when you think about it… it’s not just about sexual predators, it’s also about cyberbullies, terrorists, sexters and other similar threats. Being online through a smartphone opens up your children to a whole world of evil.

See more articles about the importance of monitoring below:

What I Recommend

mobilespysoftwareI have been doing a lot of research on monitoring software apps, and I fell in love with Mobile Spy. This app, developed by Florida-based software company Retina X Studios, is an all-in-one solution for monitoring your child’s smartphone and Internet activities. Once installed, Mobile Spy will send you detailed reports, including:

  • Incoming/Outgoing Text Messages
  • Incoming/Outgoing Images and Videos
  • Recordings on Phone Conversations
  • Logs of Websites Visited
  • Apps downloaded and purchased
  • Facebook, Twitter and all other social media messages (c.f. both public and private ones)
NOTE: the Mobile Spy team was kind enough to provide our visitors with a special 10% off coupon: SOM2015 (Use this voucher code on the checkout page)
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