South Carolina Sex Offender Map

A broad range of sexual crimes will land someone on the sex offender registry in South Carolina. In addition to any form of sexual assault, peeping, kidnapping with intent to perform sexual offense, intercourse with a patient, sexual misconduct with a spouse and any form of sexual solicitation with a minor, whether or not any sexual act occurs, are all sufficient crimes to place the criminal on the South Carolina sex offense registry. The state maintains stringent registration laws: Registered offenders must notify the sheriff’s department of their home address and the addresses of any other owned property or place of school attendance. Registration must be renewed a minimum of twice a year; violent offenders must register every 90 days. Sex offenders guilty of sexual misconduct with children are placed under electronic monitoring surveillance. Failure to maintain registration or any attempt to manipulate a monitoring device will result in criminal charges, up to and including jail time.

Locate Sexual Predators in South Carolina with Kids Live Safe

South Carolina has approximately 12,064 sexual predators listed in the state database. Statistics show that an estimated 80% of all addresses have a sex offender living within one mile. If you don’t know who might be living near your family, find out now by filling out the form below for Kids Live Safe.

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*Why is Kids Live Safe better than any other sex offender registry?

Kids Live Safe is an innovative application focused on protecting families from offline and online sexual offenders and predators by providing web-based family protection tools.

Kids Live Safe Family protection tools include:

  • Search, map, and view sex offenders near your home
  • Email alerts when new offenders move near your home
  • Monitor the area around your home and 3 other locations (school, other family members)
  • Online protection against child predators with award-winning Internet Filtering Software
  • Lost/Missing child Emergency Response Profiles



Get Notifications when Registered Sex Offenders Move in to Your Neighborhood

Kids Live Safe allows you to receive instant notifications via email anytime a sex offender moves into your neighborhood. You can also receive notifications for up to 4 addresses of any registered sex offender activity within a 5 mile radius.

It is entirely possible for a sex offender to relapse, no matter how long it has been since their last offense. You can stay one step ahead and know which neighbors pose a threat to the livelihood of your children. Notifications can help you make the right choice for your family.

Even if you feel that your neighborhood is perfectly safe, looks can be deceiving. Sex offenders move often, potentially moving in right next door. If you want to receive a notification any time a sex offender moves to your area, use Kids Live Safe. This is the tool you need to protect your family against impending dangers.


Largest Cities in South Carolina

Study the list below. If your family lives in one of these cities, then you are at a statistically higher risk of living near a sexual predator. These are the largest cities in the state, and larger populations mean larger numbers of criminals of all kinds, including sex offenders. For the safety of your family, it is vital to be aware of who your neighbors are and to stay updated on any sexual criminals that might move into your neighborhood.

  1. Columbia
  2. Charleston
  3. North Charleston
  4. Greenville
  5. Rock Hill
  6. Mount Pleasant
  7. Spartanburg
  8. Sumter
  9. Hilton Head Island
  10. Florence


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