Top 10 States With Highest Rate of Sex Offenders in 2015

In the United States, there are currently about 742,210 sex offenders registered in the National database. With that many sexual predators unleashed in society, it sheds light on how important it is for families with young children or teens to know their surroundings.

If you are planning a move, it is important to know what states have the highest rates of sex offenders. You can look at those rates and see what the states do to prevent sex offenses from occurring and what they do to rehabilitate convicted offenders. If you want to look up the sex offenders in your area you can find your state’s registry on the National Sex Offender Public Website run by the U.S. National Department of Justice.

Each state’s registry is ensured to be accurate and up-to-date as its content is updated every day, if not several times a day. When comparing the amount of sex offenders in each state, it is important to understand that each state differentiates on what they consider a sex offender to be. The list below consists of the top 10 states with the highest rate per 1,000 people. The list was composed using up-to-date demographic information from each state, and the number of sex offenders in each state was extracted from the Parent’s for Megan’s Law website. Here is the list of the top 10 states with the highest amount of sex offenders per thousand (1,000) people:

colorado210. Colorado – 3.10

Colorado has 16,098 sex offenders living in their state. In 2005, their policy was revised to release more information about their offenders. This includes the sexual offenses they were convicted of. Plus, they update their database several times a day.


florida.29. Florida – 3.17

With a total of 61,303 sex offenders in Florida, it is tough to understand why they have such lenient policies where sexual predators can live and work. Their only policy is preventing sex offenders from working in a position where they would be in contact with kids.


Minnesota28. Minnesota – 3.26

The state of Minnesota has 17,541 offenders in their state. After each sex offender serves their time, they are put in rehabilitation treatments for an indeterminate amount of time. The treatment consists of individual and group therapy.


SouthDakota27. South Dakota – 3.76

With 3,132 sex offenders in South Dakota, they say their database is updated frequently. Unlike other states, they do not give any specifics. Rather, they say the information changes so much that it is nearly impossible to keep it updated all the time.


wisconsin26. Wisconsin – 3.98

Wisconsin has 22,803 total sex offenders registered in their database. Their policy aims to convict any predator, who harms children, for up to a decade. Despite the time a convicted offender will have to serve, they still have a high rate of sex offenders in their state.


Michigan25. Michigan – 4.12

Despite being high on the list with a total of 40,692 registered offenders, Michigan’s total has declined from 50,000 in the last five years. The State of Michigan is trying hard to improve its tracking of sex offenders and tighten its policies.


arkansas24. Arkansas – 4.38

The state of Arkansas has 12,919 sex offenders. One of the states issues is only releasing names and addresses of offenders. Maybe they need to consider releasing information about what each offender is guilty of.


oregon23. Oregon – 4.87

Oregon has 19,000 registered offenders. Their database is updated frequently, but it only contains information about offenders that pose the greatest threats. They could consider expanding the requirements for whose information gets released.


wyoming22. Wyoming – 6.32

Wyoming lists information about all 3,641 of its registered sex offenders. They claim that anyone listed in the registry is not considered to be dangerous at the moment. Wyoming is definitely a state that could improve its tracking and policies in regards to sexual predators.


delaware21. Delaware – 7.70

Delaware has 4,871 sex offenders in their database, which is huge given their relatively small population. Despite having the highest rate of sex offenders, they try to combat that by making sure offenders register their new home address within three days. This is significantly shorter than most states, which may offer up to a week and a half.

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Sam Hadfield

Sam Hadfield is a retired LAPD officer with over 30 years of experience practicing in the states of Florida and California. Today he runs to help families assess the safety of their neighborhoods by tracking sex offenders, child molesters and other criminals. Sam recommends that families keep track of sex offenders in their neighborhoods by using tools like Kids Live Safe or local Sex Offender Registries.
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2 thoughts on “Top 10 States With Highest Rate of Sex Offenders in 2015

  1. You do realize that not all sex offenders are sexual predators right? Some are people that were just unfortunate enough to get caught urinating in public. Some are minors that had sex with other minors. To label them all together is wrong and some people just get. Some people can’t get paSt teo sex offender status

    • You are right Juanita, but in this article (and this website in general) we focus mainly on “registered sex offenders” that have been convicted for a sex-related crime.

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