Wisconsin Sex Offender Map

In most cases of sexual misconduct in Wisconsin, the offender will eventually be released in the jurisdiction where the sexual crime actually took place. In certain situations, a sex offender may be released in a location where they have family support that can help them get their lives back on track. Serious sex offenders will be put into a situation where they have someone supervisor their regular activities, and the discussions that lead to a decision on where the sex offender will be allowed to live are usually determined on a case-by-case basis. Once a sex offender is allowed back into his or her regular life in Wisconsin, the local police department is given a threat level for that particular sexual predator.

Locate Sexual Predators in Wisconsin with Kids Live Safe

If you’re interested in keep your family safe while living in Wisconsin, then you need to think about signing up for Kids Live Safe. You never know when a new sexual predator could be moving into your neighborhood, but the Kids Live Safe system will actually give you a heads up any time a new sex offender has moved into your town. While all of this information is publicly available, it is much easier to use a system like Kids Live Safe rather than having to check the registry on your own every few weeks. The Kids Live Safe system is a tool that will allow you to track the movements of sex offenders in Wisconsin or any other state around the country.

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*Why is Kids Live Safe better than any other sex offender registry?

Kids Live Safe is an innovative application focused on protecting families from offline and online sexual offenders and predators by providing web-based family protection tools.

Kids Live Safe Family protection tools include:

  • Search, map, and view sex offenders near your home
  • Email alerts when new offenders move near your home
  • Monitor the area around your home and 3 other locations (school, other family members)
  • Online protection against child predators with award-winning Internet Filtering Software
  • Lost/Missing child Emergency Response Profiles



Get Notifications When Registered Sex Offenders Move in Your Neighborhood

The best part about using the Kids Live Safe system is that you can get the notifications instantly sent to your email address. This means that you will be notified of a sex offender situation as soon as it pops up on the state registry. You can receive notifications for up to 4 addresses of any registered sex offender activity within a 5 mile radius. If you’re someone who would like to be notified when a new threat to your children is moving into the neighborhood, then you should definitely sign up for the Kids Live Safe system. You will have completely customization over the types of notifications that are sent to your phone, so you don’t need to worry about your smartphone buzzing every few minutes with a new update on sexual predators and natural disasters.

Largest Cities in Wisconsin

If you’re going to be able to keep your family safe during these uncertain times, then you need to also realize that there are certain parts of the state where sexual predators are found much more frequently. While the Kids Live Safe system is perfect when it comes to being notified of new sex offenders living in your area, you also need to remember that these sexual predators cannot be avoided in certain parts of the state. If you live in a densely populated area, then you may find that you have a few sex offenders living within a five mile radius of your home. Your chances of living near a sexual predator increase rather dramatically if you live in any of these top populated cities in Wisconsin:

  1. Milwaukee
  2. Madison
  3. Green Bay
  4. Kenosha
  5. Racine
  6. Appleton
  7. Waukesha
  8. Oshkosh
  9. Eau Claire
  10. Janesville


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